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Welcome To Apps With Curriculum!

Apps With Curriculum is about curriculum, not just lesson plans. Curriculum embodies the subjects and planned learning for a book app; it is a summary of lessons. A lesson plan is just a detailed description of instruction for one class.

That’s the difference. AWC is providing educators with a course of study for each app that is cross curricular in subject areas and involves technology with education. And for the public educators who need it, it provides alignment to Common Core Standards.

The Latin meaning of curriculum alludes to a racing chariot. That is AWC: it is a race to learn everything possible that pertains to the book app. It is a race to help educators. It is curriculum at its best.

I have twenty-five years of teaching experience, a master’s degree in Education, and am a National Board Certified Teacher. AWC empowers educators; this is my passion.

My Best,
Cyndie Sebourn


“I originally met Cyndie when she contacted me to ask me a question about book app production. I was immediately impressed by the passion she has for making sure that apps used in the classroom are aligned with curriculum and Common Core Standards. Cyndie is absolutely driven to find ways that apps and curriculum work together in the classroom and she’s a leader in this field. She’s created her own, innovative book app that teaches nouns while celebrating the South (“Smarty Britches: Nouns”). Cyndie has piloted Apps-with-Curriculum programs in schools and is developing curriculum for quality book apps that align with CCS. She’s a trail blazer!”  - Karen Robertson
“Cyndie is an experienced educator with an innovative approach to education in the digital age. She combines her knowledge of the classroom with an enthusiasm for innovative technologies to develop curriculum for apps that appeal to educators and students. Cyndie also has a warm personality that makes her just plain fun to work with.”  - Julie Laviolette –  Julie Landry Laviolette is founder of Story Bayou, Inc.,, interactive storybook apps for kids 8-12.

“I have been following Cyndie’s work on aligning curriculum for some time as I need someone who has the expertise in this area for aligning a storybook app with the curriculum. I viewed the work on her book app, Smarty Britches Nouns app and was very impressed with the complete job she did. And, she had a comprehensive knowledge and included a great section on aligning for special needs. I am looking forward to completing my project with her help within the next 6 months.”  - Lavelle Carlson