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About Cyndie

About Cyndie Sebourn, Owner/Author

I am a southern woman, which means that I have the amazing ability to turn two syllable words into four syllable words.  I live in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, surrounded by woods and lakes, and I treasure the peacefulness of it all.  There is no place better.

Of course, I love literature.  There is nothing better than a great story written by a superior author.  To me, that author is Cormac McCarthy.  He is the master of similes that give me pause.  I believe there is no better love story than his novel, The Road.  A parent’s love for a child knows no boundaries.

I taught secondary and college English for twenty-five years, and I like to think that I taught it well.  My master’s degree is in Education/English; I am a National Board Certified teacher, and in 2010 the Veterans of Foreign Wars awarded me State Teacher of the Year.  This – because I received it from people who fought for my freedom – means the most to me.

My love for my students and my passion for teaching fueled my desire to continue to educate – but through a different format: technology.  With the Smarty Britches book app series, I share the culture of the South, and I share the charming beauty of its southern people.  This app series aligns with Common Core State Standards and incorporates cultural differences and cross-curricular subjects as well as reading strategies and fluency.  At, you can find lessons for educators and parents that have student-friendly objectives, align with CCSS, use upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and incorporate technology.

My inspiration for the Smarty Britches series began with the gift of two Baby Grands: Jackson and Wyatt.  I had thought that I knew love.  Then those two little boys tiptoed their way into my heart and taught me its whole new meaning.

My inspiration for Apps With Curriculum began with recognizing a need – a need for app developers to empower educators.

My Best,

Cyndie Sebourn


Jackson & Wyatt