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Educational Consultant for Book Apps
Marketing Your App to Education

 Children’s Book Apps are Picture Books with a KICK!  The KICK includes movement, narration, sound sprites, music, and interactives.  What I add to this KICK is educational alignment.

Technology and education have joined hands to engage students…and engaged students learn.  Many schools now have iPad labs; educators, however, they often need apps that teach the Common Core State Standards and that incorporate various learning strategies with lessons that are pre-designed by the app developer.  As a National Board Certified Teacher, my experience lies in these areas, and I can do this for you.

 What I offer…

 I communicate with you via Skype, sharing my ideas and listening to yours.

I create Smarty Activities- including Project-Based Learning – that you can place on your website for parents and educators.  These activities specify the Common Core State Standards being used, incorporate upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and provide creative strategies for learning that include technology.

In addition to designing your curriculum, I place my Seal of Approval on them, showing educators that they are aligned with CCSS.

Finally, I will critique your Apple Description for inclusion of an Educational Design section and will recommend key words that educators search.  The Apple description will inform parents and educators of the link to your site where these are located.

 Consultation with Cyndie Sebourn, NBCT

If you are interested in more information on these services, fill out the contact information below.  My initial consultation is free.  Please know that EDUCATION is my passion, and my desire is to help you design an educational strategy so that you can market your app to educators and so that children can learn with exciting, engaged strategies: Edutainment!


 Cyndie Sebourn is a Southern Belle Firecracker, completely passionate about combining book apps with new technology in a way that truly educates students while also entertaining and inspiring them.” ~Karen Robertson, author of Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island.

  My experience working with Cyndie at Sascyn Publishing has always been a real pleasure.  It is so nice to work with someone who has your best interests at heart and goes the extra mile to help a fellow author and developer.  I highly recommend Cyndie as she is a top notch educator and provides excellent resources for those looking to expand their product into the educational market.” ~Melissa Northway, Author of Penelope the Purple Pirate.

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