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Axe’s Monster Fest

Axe’s Monster Fest AKA Monster Jam

by Michelle Anaya/Blue Sandpiper Imprints

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Axe and the Groundhogs have big dreams of being Mon-Stars. They’re on the fast track to success when the band is chosen to perform at the annual Monster Fest. But the lead singer loses her voice a few days before the show. The Ground Hogs need a replacement singer, fast. Let the auditions begin! Will they find the perfect monster in time? With fun stuff to see and do on every page, it’s perfect for teaching and entertaining ages 4-8!

“The quality of entertainment provided by apps is not as good as it used to be. Axe’s Monster Fest, a newly released iOS app, is here to change that. It is a perfect entertainment for kids of ages 4 to 8, while also teaching them a lot.”

“This storybook is very likely to be a part of every child’s tongue real soon. The graphics are awesome with cute characters. The audition part is very funny with many different singers coming for the audition and creating a mess all around in a funny way. But then there are some of the best voices also recorded on the journey and they’ll certainly raise the tempo.” – Apps400

“When you’re designing a storybook, characters and backgrounds are the most important of the things because they attract the children most. I must say that the designers have done a decent job here both with the cute characters and stylish backgrounds. Overall, it’s a perfect storybook for children where they can enjoy the story as well as play with the band.” Apps Mirror.


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