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Educator’s App Review

Educator’s App Review

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Apps With Curriculum is not concerned with the highfalutin bells and whistles of an app; it is concerned with its educational aspects.  What is its potential to teach?  It examines…

  • Provided Curriculum -
  • Potential Curriculum Advice –
  • 21st Century Learning Skills alignment: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity -
  • Common Core Standards Alignment –
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy Alignment  –
  • Use of Technology –

It provides…

  • A National Board Certified Teacher’s Comments/Analysis.
  • Exposure to review via AWC site.
  • Social Media advertisement of review.
  • Educational Conferences advertisement.
  • Inclusion of Apps With Curriculum store for educators.*

*Participating in Link Share

Review Requirements:

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  • Review is completed within 30 days of payment for $49!
  • Review is completed within 3 days of payment for $99!
  • Promo Code is provided for reviewer.

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 * Educational App Reviews are free if Apps With Curriculum has designed your curriculum; the review will focus on the app’s potential for educating.