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Superintendent Andy Curry Discusses “Apps With Curriculum”

 At the Jessieville School District, we are committed to excellence, and our whole purpose for existence is to prepare a 21st century workforce that can communicate, collaborate, and use critical thinking skills. Using project-based learning with the integration of technology and using the iPad is a critical part of our being able to meet our goals and mission.

The iPad and apps that have curriculum rooted in the Common Core Standards makes our goal and mission attainable. Teachers can use the game side of the apps to incentivize students. However, when you actually have apps like Treasure Kai and Smarty Britches: Nouns that have common core aligned curriculum embedded inside of them, you are able to take learners to the high levels of learning on Bloom’s Taxonomy. App developers like Ms. Sebourn who understand standards and use their vast quantity of knowledge to incorporate high level learning activities that are tied to the standards are invaluable to our school district.

Ms. Sebourn has worked tirelessly with two of our classroom teachers; one third grade teacher that is continually one of our highest performing teachers in our school district and another equally talented first grade teacher have seen vast improvements in the engagement level of their classroom by incorporating apps with curriculum.

Ms. Katie Wainscott, the third grade teacher, is a superstar at our district and a rising leader that has great knowledge of the CCSS and where the future of education is going. Ms. Wainscott has worked with Ms. Sebourn, who provided a free app to her classroom, Smarty Britches Nouns, to help the students learn in new ways, and it has totally transformed our third grade into setting the standard for the school district in project-based learning.

Mrs. Amanda Bean, our top achieving first grade teacher with a high level of leadership ability as well, has also worked with similar apps embedded with Ms. Sebourn’s CCSS curriculum to take her students to new level of engagement.

Advances by app developers will continue to help us provide a world class education for our students and allow us to move forward and enable us to continue to produce students that can communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and think critically and solve problems.

 *Andy Curry is superintendent of Jessieville School District, Jessieville, AR.  JSD is a leader in implementing 21st Century Learning, Project-Based Learning, and Common Core Standards.  It also pilots the “Apps With Curriculum” program.

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